Membranekeyboard is a widely used HMI technology because of low price, darability, water resistance, and the tactile "click"
The laminated films with in between metaldomes, LEDs and other electronics provide a robust and modern solution. With us you can go for (free) prototypes, small and large series of membrane switches. We print the foils on high-quality scratch-resistant polyester, materials that guarantee a long life.


  Screenprinting and digital printing
  Tactile and non-tactile switches
  Edge or dome embossings
  LEDs for signaling
  Backlighting with Electroluminescence (EL), side-LEDs or fiber
  High-quality materials from Macdermid Autotex and 3M
  RFI / EMI shielding
  Mounting on carrierplate
  Integration of touchscreen, window reinforcements, LED-displays, electronic components, etc