•   Why are you so cheap?

    We can supply our products very cheaply, because a part of the manufacture is done with us in China.
    Thanks to an optimal communication between employees between the two factories, we can work faster and more efficiently.
    By keeping our prices low, we appeal to a larger target group and we can guarantee a large production capacity. The fact that we deliver our products cheaply does not detract from the quality! 

  •   What delivery times do you use?

    You have a quotation within 3 days. We have introduced an automatic system that gives convenience and speed. An order will be delivered within 2 to 3 weeks. We also work faster and more efficiently in production. A team of specialists adhere strickly to procedures to make a high-quality product. 

  •   How do I request a quote?

    Sending a sketch with sizes and colors to us is enough. Some customers only sent an example or even just a photo. That is no problem for us. A digital vector format design (eg Adobe Illustrator or Coraldraw) is the best way to do it. No costs are involved when converting an example to a production drawing.

  •   I have allready a supplier but I am looking for another.

    We are happy to surprise you. You only need to send us a sample of the foil, touchscreen or rubber keypad. This is sufficient for us to make an offer within 3 days,  free of obligation.

  •   What is custommade design?

    If you can not supply a design yourself, Frontfolies.com can provide a design. Frontfolies.com has decades of experience. Together with you we discuss your wishes and then a designer / draftsman starts working for you. We will then give you a layout proposal. The design is only implemented after you have approved it.
    So you give us your conditions and we make a proposal for you. We charge a small fee for this. For an extensive design we work together with an Industrial Design Agency or we refer you.

  •   Can I get protos?

    Of course. With every order of a new product, 5 protos are delivered for free. With this you can thoroughly test whether it fits and technically satisfies.

  •   Can I make changes after the 5 protos?

    It is possible to make changes afterwards. Depending on the complexity, we calculate a really small fee for this.

  •   Can I purchase in periods

    No problem. In consultation with you we can even keep a small stock for you so the delivery time is within 1 to 2 days.

  •   Do you also supply carrier plates?

    We can supply the supporting plates made of steel, aluminum, glass or plastic. Equipped with holes, studs, etc. The films are professionally glued on the carrier plates. If desired, we can add window frames of glass, PMMA or PC.

  •   Do you also supply electronics and housing?

    Yes. RR-Electronics is located in the same building as Frontfolies.com and works closely together for (sub)electronics development and assembly. But we also work closely with many other electronics-developers and assembly-companies.